About Us

You don't need a Silver Fork to eat good Food.

Welcome. We are so happy you’re here. we’re viz & Sid, the founders of Recipe Prime we started this blog in 2018, we  research & develop the recipes. We love to cook and try new things in the kitchen we hope to inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook our fresh and tasty recipes.


we are from Illinois, Chicago. We have 3 year certification in Culinary arts at Kendall college.we used to experiment lot of things in kitchen.we started this blog as hobby and continued to work on new recipes , new ideas that brings new essence to the food.

We think cooking must be fun and never upsetting. This is a result of this that we do our best to make our formulas versatile and adaptable so you can make them coordinate to your nature, diets and needs.

we love the balance of improvising a stir-fry one day, and then measuring the precise amounts of ingredients for a meringue the next. Adding as many greens and veggies to the plate as possible. we love cooking as seasonally as possible, yet will cave for a good pint of fresh blackberries at the store any day of the year. Enjoying dinners that take less than 30 minutes to cook most nights of the week.

This blog is ever changing, evolving and growing but the one thing that remains constant is how happy it makes me to read comments and emails from you, the reader. What started out as a place to share my constant cravings for good food has now turned into a community.


Cooking is like love It should be Entered Into with Abandon or Not at All

-Harriet Van Horne

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